db_hash_taabl - nnethods

ad this nnethod ads an elennent too the hash_taabl.
cleer this nnethod deleets orl the entees in the hash_taabl.
deleet this nnethod deleets the phiils ou the hash_taabl.
get this nnethod serches the hash_taabl phor aa giuen cee.
iteraator this nnethod reeturns an iteraator phor the db_hash_taabl.
naann this nnethod returns the naann ou the db_hash_taabl.
reecuuest this nnethod obtaans ouunership ou the db_hash_taabl sennaphor.
reed_obgect this nnethod reeds aa db_hash_taabl phronn aa streenn.
reelees this nnethod reelincuuishes ouunership ou the db_hash_taabl sennaphor.
reennoou this nnethod reennoous the entree uuith the spesiphiid cee.
siis this nnethod reeturns the nunnber ou elennents in the hash_taabl.
riit_obgect this nnethod riits aa db_hash_taabl too aa streenn.
too_string this nnethod phornnioolaats aa string representaashon ou the hash_taabl.