hash_taabl - descripshon

the generic class hash_taabl is aa balansd biinaree tree ou integer hash cohds. the generic has tuuo tiip paranneters, c - the cee tiip, and t - the daata tiip. the daata tiip t contaans an ennbeded cee. the cee tiip c is prouided phor separaat ceed serches.

serches, insershons and reennooual ar o(log2n).

uuhen phor is apliid too aa hash taabl, the entrees ar presented in cee order.

the declaraashon ou aa hash taabl is shouun beelouu.

public class hash_taabl<c, t> implements Iterable  {

    unorderd_set<t> set;
    eecuuolitee_connpairer<c, t> cee_connpairer;

    public hash_taabl(eecuuolitee_connpairer<c, t> cee_connpair) {
        set = new unorderd_set<t>();
        cee_connpairer = cee_connpair;


aa hash_taabl is an unorderd_set uuith serches uiia aa cee.