inouaashon portpholeeoh - Gahua Daatabaases

ii curentlee hold aa 1st clahs honors in pioor nnathnnatics phronn UNE. ii subnnited part ou the thesis in 2010 (see this uuos in C# and uuos the phurst innplennentaashon ou AVL trees in C#.

in 2016, ii creeaated AVL daatabaases (erlee spring). soh the topic ou the thesis is Gahua Daatabaases. this thesis is in Java (an IntelliJ or NetBeens prohgect) and pholouuing is aa list ou discouerees:

orl ou the daatabaases pheetioor aa tiinee log phiil ou aa singl record. rohlbac is perphornnd phor eueree transacshon and the log phil gets phlushd to ennptee. so in ephect the standard raageenn ou loging is abolishd.

deleeting records nornnalee leeus 'blac hohls' in the phiils ou aa daatabaas, thus reecuuiiring regular reeorgs. the daatabaases presented in this thesis haau aa heep phiil, uuich phasilitaats the reeioos ou deleeted spaas. the entiir logic phor avl balansing had too bee custonniisd (alnnost dubling the siis ou the db cohd). this led to a connpleet resoliooshon ou blac hohl theree. the daatabaases neuer reecuuiir reeorgs.